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Version 2.0 of California Megamod for GTA SAN ANDREAS was released in 6th january 2015. In this page you will find the links for Downloading the version 2.0 of California Megamod and also a complete tutorial showing you, step by step, how to download it, how to install it, how to patch it, and how to play it. Version 2.0 is a new version different from the previous ones, you don't need any of the older ones.
Version 2.0 is not an update it is a full version, you dont need to have a previous version in order to play it. install it like a new game, in its own folder. (not inside san andreas folder. and not inside a folder of any previous version, if you do it then the game will not work, it will crash.)
The California Megamod is not finished yet, still needs more work, but its very fun to play as it is now, you can enjoy it while you wait for future patches, updates or newer versions. The only problem is that i forgot to translate to english some texts before uploading the files, but here you have a patch with the translation into english:
CAM2_English_Patch.exe (149 Kb) (Uploaded: 4 january 2015)

install this language patch into the california megamod folder and it will translate the files i had forgotten.

If you are a webmaster then Please do not host these files in another website, do not link directly to the files, link to this website ( so that people can be informed about news and have access to future bug-fixes and updates. And finally very important, my gratefull thanks to all the GTA Comunity, without the work of many different people this project would be impossible. I have tried to give them their deserved credits in some loading screens, and more things will be done in this direction in the next releases. Remember this project is not finished yet, there are lots a detaills that need to be taken care of before the final release, i will continue working on it in 2015.
I hope you enjoy playing the California Megamod version 2.0 as much as i did working on it.



These are all the files you need to download. but please read all the text below before starting. it will make your life easier.

CAM2.part01.EXE (500 MB)
CAM2.part02.rar (500 MB)
CAM2.part03.rar (500 MB)
CAM2.part04.rar (500 MB)
CAM2.part05.rar (500 MB)
CAM2.part06.rar (500 MB)
CAM2.part07.rar (311.76 MB)
CAM2_Parche2.exe (38 MB)(patch for fixing some bugs)
CAM2_English_Patch.exe (149 Kb) (english translation)

you may also need this file D3DX9_40.DLL for gta san andreas to work in Windows 8 (download it ONLY if the game gives error message saying that it can't find d3dx9_40.dll library. if it asks for a different dll then search for it and download it (in a .zip file) from google or ) Don't download any software, only the zip file with the .dll inside, for manual installation. (windows by default has support for .zip files, so you dont need any software to extract the .dll)


Windows XP or Windows vista or windows 7 or Windows 8 (32 or 64 bits) (i have w7 home basic 64 bits) Recommended: Windows 7, 64 bits with User Account Control (UAC) disabled.
RAM: 2 GB RAM minimum in XP (4GB in vista/ windows 7 /windows 8) (i have 8GB)
HARD DRIVE: 20 GB FREE minimum recommended (4 GB installer + 9,5 GB installed)(next version may use double space)
CPU: 2 Ghz minimum, (3 Ghz or more recommended) (i have a Dual Core AMD A6-5400K APU at 3.5 GHZ with ATI HD Graphics core)
GRAPHIC CARD: i recommend a good powerfull graphics card (i have AMD/ATI Radeon HD7540D graphics core inside the CPU)
GRAPHIC RAM: minimum 256 MB, 512 MB or more recommended. (i have 512 MB and i play in HD without lag)


The first thing you need to do is look in EQUIPMENT (or MYPC in windows XP) how much free space you have in all your hard drives and then think where you are going to save the downloaded files and where will you install the megamod.

Once you have downloaded all the files for installation of the California Megamod they will use less than 4 gigabytes of hard drive space, (it means you can save the files in a standard 4G DVD), and once installed the california megamod folder will use more than 9 Gigabytes in your hard drive, and there will be patches and updates in the future that may use aditional hard drive space, this means that you need a total free hard drive space of at least 14 Gigabytes to store everything: the downloaded files and the game already installed and patched. And i recommend to have a total of 20 GB free hard drive space minimum to be able to install next versions, more games and aplications in your PC.


At the top of this page are the download links for the california megamod, you need to download all of them before even trying to install anything. the download links looks like this:

The links you already clicked will appear in darker color. this will help you to keep track of the files you have already downloaded.

when you click a link a new web page will open, it will have some adds, just ignore everything and concentrate in the important info at the top of the first page, you have to click in a yellow button with the text: SKIP ADD (or SALTAR PUBLICIDAD in spanish)

Once clicked it will open a new web page, the Mediafire website where all files are stored, in the mediafire website you have to click the big green button marked in the picture with the word: DOWNLOAD and the size of the file. becarefull not to click a fake download button that are only publicity adds.

sometimes it may appear a captcha system where you will need to write a text that is displayed in the screen so that the website can make sure that you are a human and not a hacker's software.

if you can not understand the text that its displayed then you can press a reload button in the captcha window. if you write the text and everything is ok it will download the file or it will appear a window asking you where you want to store the file once downloaded.

save the file in a place where you will be able to find it later. some people use to save their downloaded files in their desktop folder but you can save it anywhere you like, but make sure you store all files in the same place or else the installation will fail later.

Now wait until the file finishes downloading, and Do the same with the other links, you need to download all the files and place all of them in the same place.

-If your internet browser never ask you for the names and where to store the downloaded files there is a risk that a downloaded file may be complete and perfect but with a different name and then the installer will not recognize it and will ignore it and then the installation will fail, will give error messages or the game will not be complete when finished.
when you download a file if it fails it will not be deleted, it will be stored but the size will be wrong, this is a corrupted file, and its is useless, you should delete it and download it again. For example if you download a file with the filename "name.rar" for example and you download it again, the second time the name will be "name(1).rar" if you try to download it a third time the new file will have the filename "name(2).rar" etc. everytime you download a file again it usually gets renamed and you should make sure to delete the wrong files and rename the right ones with the right name. use this image as a guide to know the right filename and filesize each file should have and avoid any errors. if you fail here then the installer may fail later.


1º- usually all software in your computer should be installed in "Program Files" folder, this is the usual place but most games can also be installed in a different place, if you have 2 hard drives you can install windows and all software in C: (drive 1) and store all your files in D: (drive 2) this is usefull because if one day windows get corrupted and you can not boot the computer then you are forced to reinstall windows or in case of a virus infection you will have to format C and install windows again, loosing all files in C: (hard drive number 1), but you will still have all files intact in other hard drives or hard drive partitions. This is the main reason why many advanced users will create different hard drive partitions and store their files and all games in a second hard drive (with letter D:) or their files in D and all games in E: (A third hard drive partition) etc. This is a perfect way of working in computers, prevent losing important files and avoid having to reinstall a lot of games. (advanced users will use regedit.exe to save the windows registry entries of all their games so that they will not have to reinstall the games after a windows reinstall or after a formatted C hard drive partition. They simply double click their stored .reg files and most of their games will work again without a need for re-install.

2º- if your Windows is a "normal" windows then it is a 32 bits windows, and you only have 1 folder named: "Program Files" in C: where all software is installed. But if you have a 64 bits windows, then you will have 2 "PROGRAM FILES" folders in C: "PROGRAM FILES (x86)" where all 32 bits software should be installed and another folder named "PROGRAM FILES" where all 64 bits software should be installed.

3º- the game GTA San Andreas is a standard 32 bits aplication and so in a 64 bits Windows it should be installed inside the folder named "PROGRAM FILES (x86)" (unless you prefer to install it in another hard drive partition in a folder named D:\GAMES for example and it will work without any problem).


Before ever thinking about installing the megamod You first need to have downloaded all files and they must be in the same folder and you should make sure that all files are full and with their right names, (no corrupted files, no uncompleted files, no renamed files, no "xxxxx(1)" or "xxxxx(2)" or "xxxxx(3)" filenames, no "copy of xxxx" filenames, etc.) so start by making sure everything is ok right now.

The California Megamod version 2.0 installer comes divided into 7 .rar files (patches and updates need to be installed later). check all your files, the filenames and sizes should be:


double click in "CAM2.part01.EXE" and follow the on screen instructions. its very easy.
in the first screen you should read the information and then click in the button OK (ACEPTAR in spanish)

in the second screen read the text and then click the BROWSE button and select the folder where you want to install the megamod, (do not install in your gta san andreas folder), select the folder "PROGRAM FILES" if you have a 32 bits windows or "PROGRAM FILES (x86)" if you have a 64 bits windows, or if you want to install it in a different partition then create a folder named GAMES in D. or E: etc. and select it. The installer will create a folder named "California Megamod" inside the folder you selected.

(avoid too long paths when selecting the place to install the game, use short paths, for example C:\PROGRAM FILES (x86)\ or D:\GAMES\ because a new folder will be created inside the one you chosed with the name CALIFORNIA MEGAMOD\ and everything will be installed there.)

now click the INSTALL button (INSTALAR in spanish).

now wait some minutes while all files are extracted from all .rar files and copied to the destination folder. the green bar will show the installation progress.

when finished the installer will close automatically and you will notice a new desktop shortcut named California Megamod 2.0,

The shortcut will give you access to the mod launcher (California Megamod.exe) use the desktop shortcut to start any mod you want to play with. Just double click the shortcut (better if you rightclick it with the mouse and select RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR) and then click the picture of the mod that you want to play.

A window will pop up showing a picture, title and description of the mod you selected, with some buttons at the bottom.

It is a good idea to read the description of the mod before starting the game, because it shows some special keys that you need to know to use some special features of each mod. but by now they are in spanish until you install the english translation patch. so you better wait and not start the game yet.
when you want to start the game you should click the button INICIAR (start game) located at the left side of the windows under the description of the mod.
The right button named VOLVER is a cancel button to allow you come back to the main menu, just in case you want to select another mod.
you can close the mod launcher by clicking in the close button (X) at the top-right part of the window, like in any other windows application. when you START a mod with INICIAR button, the mod launcher will autoclose and start a bat process that will start the game with the selected mod and gamemode and so it is not needed to close the mod launcher when you want to play the game. the bat process will also be closed automatically when you quit the game. if you have the user accounts control service enabled in windows you may have to confirm the authorization for the BAT process to start, or it even may not allow it to start, so it is best to disable the user account control in windows control panel account section (most of you probably have it already disabled since the first minute you installed windows because is useless and just a pain in the ass to always have to confirm 2 times everything that you want to do in your computer. microsoft have a weird meaning for the word "security" very different to the rest of the world :D. in my world "security" means to not allow to strange people enter inside my computer from a distant place, not to watch everything i do locally in my keyboard and ask me if i'm sure i want to do it, this is just a bad joke, not a security policy. they are laughing at us.

one more thing you should know: you should always START a NEW GAME in every mod, except in STARMAN MOD where you can load saved games. (if they were saved in a compatible version of the game), if you had version 2.0 or 3.0 of gta san andreas you may have to delete the gta.set file in MY DOCUMENTS\GTA San Andreas User Files\ (you will know this if the game crashes when you start the game for first time.)

NOTE: i have noticed that sometimes when i edit something and start the game to test it, sometimes it crashes eventhought everything is perfect, if this happens to you then just press ALT + CTRL + DELETE to open the TASK MANAGER and then click and finalize the STARMAN.EXE and then start the game again and it will work perfect. i think the reason for this may be a bug in windows that thinks that the edited file is still open and not alowed access from another program, and so when the game tries to open it and then windows refuses the access to it and then the game crashes.

Another very important thing, you must never edit a file outside of modloader or cleo folders, the game must keep unedited for the megamod to work, you should NEVER edit a original file, all mods should be located inside the modloader folder, never replacing any original file, any mod made in models or data folder or other different from modloader and cleo will cause the megamod to crash. so forget everything you know about modding, now you should never edit gta3.img or other .img files, now you dont need to use imgtool.exe to install mods. just copy the files into a folder inside modloader and that's all.

During the game in any mod press CTRL X and it will display a cheats menu with lots of features:

You can change the player model with the option CHANGE SKIN in CHEATS MENU, There are many peds and famous people and some superheros available for using them instead of CJ (the default player), the numbers of superheros available is different in each mod, but there are a fixed set of heros and superheros that you can use in all of them by pressing TAB + Q or TAB + E. The mod Quasar comes with more superhero peds than any other mod. In the skins changing option in the cheats menu the names are a guide to help you identifiy the files that you need to change if you ever want to replace any of them in the modloader\BASE\peds folder. they are the original names of the san andreas peds plus a more descriptive name of the ped that is actually installed, but in each mod some peds are different while the name will be the same in the menu. in some mods, some people will be replaced by aliens or zombies but this change will not show in the names of the skins menu.

In quasar mod you can fly like Superman if you fall from a high place or if you jump and crouch at the same time. In other mods (crime wars for example) you can FLY like IRON MAN by pressing the key and if you want to take off safely you must get close to the earth and press the key

California Megamod 2.0 comes with ENB SERIES already Installed, you can START IT (ENABLE ENB) by pressing SHIFT + F12 at anytime during the game. and you can DISABLE IT (STOP IT) by pressing the same keys again. the settings for the ENB series can be edited at your own risk, by default i'm only using reflections and shadows, so it should not cause a big impact in the FPS (frames per second) and then you will not notice any lag (although it depends on the resolution you set the game to, and the powerfull of your PC).


If you have windows 8 then GTA San Andreas may not start, and give an error message saying it needs D3DX9_40.DLL, this has an easy solution, click here to download the file D3DX9_40.DLL in a zip archive, once downloaded, extract it and copy and paste inside California Megamod folder and it should work now. if your pc needs another different DLL then search for it in google and download it in zip format, or use this website to search and download it in a zip file. (the same problem may happen with any game in any windows and the solution will be the same: search for the DLL file, download it, and extract it inside the game folder, some games may need more than one dll).


A PATCH is a file that fixes some bugs and an UPDATE is a file (or set of files) that improves things, adds new features or new content, etc. An update can also include some fixes.

I will be publishing some fixes and updates from time to time, by now you already have available for download a few ones, so im telling you how to install the patches available at the moment i wrote this tutorial.

If you already installed California Megamod version 2.0 then now you must install a patch for fixing some bugs. First download the file CAM2_PARCHE2.EXE (38 MB)

once the download of the patch has finished you must double click the file CAM2_PARCHE2.EXE to start the installer of the patch, a window will open like this:

first read the info and then click in ACEPTAR (ok in english). and a second window will be displayed, read all the text.

Now click the BROWSE button and in the window that will pop up:

Find the folder where you have installed the California Megamod and then click in the name of the CALIFORNIA MEGAMOD folder. youj may have to click some folders names first to open them before you see it, remember the path you chosed at the time of installation of the megamod (program files, program files (x86) or GAMES folder). once found the folder click in the name and then click in ACEPTAR (OK or ACCEPT in english)
and this window will close and you will get back to the previous one. now the path for the california megamod folder will appear writen and now you must click the button INSTALAR (install in english)
now wait for the green bar to reach 100% while the patch gets installed.

when the installation finishes the window will close itself.

This PATCH Nº 2 Includes the old patch number 1 and the number 2, (this is the reason why the old patch number 1 is not available anymore, because it is not needed).


- it improves the roads in the desert and the old abandoned airport in verdant meadows (flight school) (by replacing modloader\BASE\gta3.img\des_ne.txd , des_n.txd and other 29 more)

- fixes a bug in the loading screen in CRYSIS MOD where it said that you must press CTRL + C to start the CHEATS MENU, this is wrong, and has been fixed replacing the key names to CTRL + X

- it adds 15 more new mods available in the mod launcher aplication (california megamod.exe).

Except in some cases the mods with numbers from 15 to 30 are the same as the ones from 1 to 15 but with a new gamemode: ASSAULT GAMEMODE. in assault gamemode you start with some weapons and full of ammo, at a random position in the map, and everyone is armed with different weapons and trying to kill you, because there is a big reward on your head, will you be able to survive? there is a counter for enemys killed and different enemys and weapons and vehicles in each mod will appear depending on the mod you started the game with (normal people / gangs / terrorists / soldiers / aliens / zombies)

- fixes a bug in SPIDERMAN mod that prevented from working the skins changer cleo script (skin.cs) i fixed it by editing gta.dat in modloader/spiderman/data folder, moving to the end the line that loads the skin.img, and removing the line that loaded the cutscenes.img that is not used by this mod because it does not have the original missions. now it works ok and so you can change skins by pressing TAB + scrol mouse wheel or TAB + Q and TAB + E.

- fixes a bug that caused a nude girl to appear in the streets in San Francisco (san fierro), now she will appear as one of the strippers in the Big Spread Ranch in the deset of nevada. and a girl with clothes will appear in the city of SF.

- fixes a bug with the driving of the RCCAM vehicle, the problem was in the BASE\data\handling.cfg folder, and it affected the mods STARMAN MOD, QUASAR, etc. now its fixed. the RCCAM vehicle is a special vehicle not used in the game but it can be spawned by selecting it in VEHICLES submenu in CHEATS MENU.
- fixes the driving of RCCAM in crimewars mod (modloader\CRIMEWARS\data\vehicles.ide) it had a car handling and now it has a plane handling and so now it can fly, as it should do. I recommend to enable the INVULNERABLE VEHICLE option VEHICLE CHEATS in CHEATS MENU before starting to fly, this will protect the vehicle from exploding if it crashes or gets enemy fire.

- fixes the RCCAM COLORs, the RCCAM didn't had a carcols.dat line and so it always appeared in black ,now it has a line in BASE\data\carcols.dat

- contains some vehicle.ide and handling.cfg files for some mods to fixe some troubles with some recently edited vehicles (bikes, bicicles, rccam, vortex)

- fixes some texture errors in hunter.txd in HALO mod, my txdworkshop.exe keeps trying to sabotage my work by saving some txd files with wrong compression settings in some opacity textures.

- fixes a bug in mtbike.txd (fucking txdworkshop.exe)

- i recommend to delete the file jetpack.dff and jetpack.txd in the folder modloader\HALO\halo_vehicles\ because there is already another jetpack.dff and jetpack.txd in halo_weapons and this is the right one for this mod. (this patch doesn't delete files so it has to be done manually) (to leave it as it is will not harm or cause bugs anyway)

if you already edited some files in california megamod before installing this patch then you will have to be warned that this patch may disable some of your changes in files like .cfg, .ide, .dat, and so you may have to repeat the changes again. anyway remeber that no mods are allowed outside of modloader folder (or cleo folder) or else the game will crash in all mods. snd the megamod will fail.



As Promised this is the English Translation Patch, that will replace the spanish texts with their english translations. It is a very small file (149 kb), and it comes with an automatic installer, this means that you only have to select the folder where you have installed the california megamod v.2.0 and it will automatically install the required files.
What does this file do? it replaces some spanish texts with english texts for some cleo scripts (cheats menu and others) and adds the english description below the spanish description in each of the mods in the Mod Launcher (this means you may have to scroll down the text in the description of each mod to see the english descriptions).

CAM2_English_Patch.exe (149 Kb) (Uploaded: 4 january 2015)

I forgot to mention that ENB series is already installed and you can switch it ON/OFF by pressing SHIFT + F12, (i use only shadows and reflections, so it should not cause cause a big impact on FPS, it should be free of lag under normal circunstances, but it all depends on the resolution you are playing in and the power of your graphic card.)


if you want to add your own mods to the megamod then i will show you how to do it. This new version of california megamod uses a new technology, its very different from previous versions, and it has its own rules, Now the main core is a mod named MODLOADER, this mods needs all the original game files unedited, you must keep all original files unedited inside california megamod folder, never edit original files, only add your own mods inside a new folder inside modloader and modloader will take care to load them into the game, i repeat do not edit files outside MODLOADER folder or else the game will crash, and megamod will not work anymore. with modloader we use a bat file with a command line to load the game and then a mod, the modloader will scan the selected mod's folder and will load those files instead of the original ones with the same name.

To install your own mods you just create a new folder named MYMODS inside MODLOADER folder and COPY your own files inside MYMODS folder, you can even create a folder MYCARS inside MYMODS and copy .dff and .txd files from your favourite cars inside the MYCARS folder, and to launch your mod you need to create a copy of CRYSIS.bat file in the root folder of the megamod, rename it as MYMODS.bat and edit it with notepad.exe to replace the word CRYSIS with the word MYMODS, now save the file and exit notepad.exe, now we need to assign a priority number to your mod, although it might work without it, it is best to do it to avoid any future problems, to do it we edit the file modloader.ini inside MODLOADER folder using notepad.exe, all we have to do is add the line MYMODS = 80 at any point, in the list of mods, you can place it in alfabetical order or at the end of the list, it doesn't matter, you just make sure its inside the [Profiles.Default.Priority] section and not inside another section of the file. Now save the file and quit notepad. Now to start the game with your mod we double click the MYMODS.BAT file and start a NEW GAME.

you can even create a CLEO folder inside MYMODS folder and add only specific not shared cleo scripts in there. they will work only in your mod, and your mod will also use the shared cleo scripts stored in the main CLEO folder in California Megamod Folder. but be carefull some scripts that need external files like skin.img for example will not work.

if your mod's vehicles need special handling.cfg and vehicle.ide lines then create a folder DATA inside MYMODS and then copy these files from MODLOADER\BASE\DATA folder and paste them into your MYMODS\DATA folder and then edit those handling.cfg and vehicles.ide files there.

Most mods use shared content from BASE folder (that belongs to starman mod) and that is the reason why they all load the BASE mod and then another one in their .bat file, if you dont do it then you will see the original textures, peds, vehicles, etc, everything you are not adding inside your MYMODS folder will be taken from the original unedited files of the game without mods, if you want to do this then just remove the "-mod BASE" part in MYMODS.bat file.
The only Exception is Alien City because it is a total conversion and so it doesn't use any shared content. it has its own map, own peds, own vehicles, own textures, models,... everything. off course you can also if you want use shared content from the alien city mod, instead of from the BASE (starman) mod, and your mod will take place in alien city instead of in san andreas, to do this you just have to replace the word "BASE" with "ALIENCITY" inside MYMODS.BAT.
one final word, in future versions the priority system may change and you may have to reverse the priority numbers, (i mean to replace 80 with 20, replace 25 with 75, replace 75 with 25, replace 1 with 100 and 100 with 1.)


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  1. Okay I'm desperate. I REALLY want to play this mod but cannot. I have NO idea what's wrong. I followed ALL the instructions by the LETTER and did everything EXACTLY as specified. I installed the mod in my program files (x86) folder, removed admin permissions and tried to run it via the .exe launcher AND by clicking the .bat files. When I do, a black dos box opens, stays for several seconds and then closes with NOTHING LAUNCHING. No matter WHAT I do. My system is windows 7 64 bit and I FAR exceed the minimum system specs to run. PLEASE help me. No one has been able to. I really want to play this mod. ANYONE who knows how to help me PLEASE answer.

    1. have you tried right-clicking the .BAT file and using RUN AS ADMIN option in context menu? because BAT files may need administrator rights to run. Also try to disable UAC (user account control) in windows (Set to the lowest setting is disabled, set to the top is enabled to maximum security.)

  2. do you have installed Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable version 2013.
    and Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Runtime ?
    have tried installing san andreas alone? i mean does GTA San Andreas work without mods in your pc?

  3. edit a .bat file, add at the end PAUSE and try double clicking it, read the messages in the black window, maybe there will be and explanation why the game doesn't start.

  4. maybe a program in your pc stole the .bat file extension to windows and it doesnt allow to run it by the appropiate system program. to check this open a CMD window inside the california megamod folder, and run a .bat file, calling it from the msdos window just typing the name of the .bat file, (but first make sure the current path is set inside the actual folder, or else it will be unable to find the bat file, use the CD command to change the current system path to the folder where the bats are), if the game starts using this method this means that the .bat file extension has been stolen and is not assigned to the right program, and then be carefull because this abnormal situation may be caused by a virus/trojan infection.

  5. try resetting some windows registry settings related with bat files to default, using this reg files that i uploaded for you.

  6. I can't believe you're back, congratulations for your great work, I follow your megamod from the beginning, and this new version is fantastic, excellent work!.

    I have a doubt concerning the radio stations you modified in previous versions, these will come back? I would like you add a new patch to add your old modified radio stations.

  7. quando eu abro algum jogo do mod aparece o cmd com uma mensagem e em seguida abre uma janela dizendo que o STARMAN.EXE parou de funcionar. me ajuda quero muito joga esse mod

  8. Hola Maestro, excelente tu trabajo y tu aporte para con los que somos amantes apasionados de los GTA MUUUUUCHAS Felicitaciones sigue asi eres el mejor !!!!!!!!!! choa maestro.

  9. Best mod ever can't wait for the next update :D

  10. Great mod it's my base for my own mods and even though it's great how it is I wish it had future updates because I found plenty of bugs. I fixed them all myself but I won't release them since I don't want to get blamed for stealing another persons hard work and well deserved credit. I do suggest though that you look into the handling file since the Rhino tank was giving me mayor issues (Reset the handling to default on it) update the cleo to the latest one so more cleo mods can work and you will be able to play DYOM ect. I could go on for ages talking about improvements but even I am still updating my own version of this great mod. If you are interested let me know this mod is too good to just let die.


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