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When installing any mod there are some circunstances that may interfere with the mod installation, the first and ususally the most likely to happen is that the gta3.dir and gta3.img files (in models folder of the game) (and maybe another ones also) may have set the attributes to "read only" in properties of each file. so you must clean that "read only" state in all files by right-clicking with the mouse in all of them and selecting properties and then cleaning the "read only" tag and clicking apply and ok. do it the same with the game folder.

Try this first and then re-try the installation before trying the following.

If you have some mods installed on your game they may fuck the installation of the starman mod, but this is not very likely, but could happen, that is why i recommend to install the mod on top of a new, clean and full installation of the vice city game.

Another trouble may arise if you usually have to insert a CD in the CD or DVD drive in order to be able to play the game. This may be an indication that you don't have a full installation of the game (the audio folder is missing) If you don't have a full installation of your vice city game (if you don't have the AUDIO folder in the game folder then copy it from the CD that the game ask you to insert when you  play)
be aware that this files may be write protected so you will have to clean the 
read only
 attribute in properties as i explained before.

You don't need to extract the installer to the gta folder, you can extract it wherever you want. and you must then run the installer setup.exe and in the first screen click NEXT once read everything, then in next screen you must select DRIVE and FOLDER where you have vice city installed, then press the button Select all to tag everything and press OK to start install. The installation takes long and sometimes there are long pauses while rebuilding the gta3.img file, if you press close before finishing then your game will not run.

Also there is a point while installing textures that the screen messages stop but the installation continues anyway (without messages), until the next step of the installation when messages start again. you have to wait until you see a big message like that:


This is the signal of finished and successfull instalation. So you press CLOSE only when you see that. Now you can start the game.
If installation does not complete and you don't see that message but instead an error message tell me exactly what it says. and also the previous message that appeared. so i may figure what the fuck happened there.

The installer do not create the shortcuts for the game in your desktop or start menu, so you have to do it by yourself (it can not write files outside the game folder that you selected), it's easy though. select each .exe file in the game folder and with right mouse click, select SEND TO ->Desktop (create shortcut) Every .exe is like a different mod (or diferent game). only that instead of needing several copies of the game they share the same game folder.

Then you run each exe starting with the gta-vc.exe and in graphic options you setup the same screen resolution for all .exes (640x480x16 is safest but if you have a fast computer and want image quality rather than fastest gameplay you will use 800x600x32 dont use more resolution like 1024x768 or more because game may get too slow and unplayable.)

Now start a new game and test the game. If you see that the textures of the cars and wheels look bad like white or plain colors (the textures are missing) you must install the textures again and it will be fixed. This usually happens when you start a new game and it shows a message in the screen saying something like "rebuilding all textures adapted to your graphics card" this process will reset all textures to the original ones deleting the one that my mod installed, and the only solution is to re-install again the mod. (only textures in fact.)

Once the textures are ok and everything works fine, do not change resolution (or you will have to re-install the mod again), when you run for the first time each .exe you must use the same resolution in each .exe or textures will be (deleted) fucked again.

I have done lots of testings trying to figure out why the game does it and how to avoid the game reseting all textures, and i have found that the best thing to do to avoid problems it no to set any resolution at all, just let the game choose for you, (default settings are 640x480x16 and it will start a new game without fucking textures, but only if it does not exists a file named gta-vc.set or if you previously had played at the same default resolution.)

When the game starts it searches for a folder named GTA VICE CITY USER FILES inside My Documents folder (in this folder the game saves all saved games and config files), if this folder does not exists it creates a new one. and then it searches for a file named "gta-vc.set" with all the settings for the game, if it does not exists it creates a new one. if it does not exists or if you deleted the file then you can set the desired resolution before starting a new game and maybe it does not reset all textures to the original ones (specially if you use 640x480) but most likely it will fuck the textures if you had the game previously installed and you played in a different screen resolution other than 640x480. so it's best to delete the gta-vc.set file before starting the game for first time after the mod is installed.

Sometimes you can avoid the problem but sometimes it is impossible so you just have to be ready to re-install textures again before starting the game for first time and in the future if you ever change the resolution while playing with any of the exe files that comes with this mod. And so you have to burn to a cd the instller for the starman mod in order to be able to install it again in the future or just to restore the textures. (if you install the mod from a CD or DVD the files may be write protected, so its best to save the .rar file to CD or DVD and unrar the installer to your hard drive before attempting to install the mod.)

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  1. tengo un problema con el mod en el vice city estoy jugando el normal pasando misiones pero hay una que no puedo pasar debido a que la lancha squalo2 (la mas rapida) se eleva al acelerar y cuesta mucho maniobrar ojala me puedas responder

  2. thelink:
    la solucion para la velocidad del squalo la tienes en la seccion de parches para el mod del vice city


    pero si no quieres bajarte e instalar mas .exes tambien se puede solucionar manualmente modificando un numero o dos en la linea del SQUALO en el archivo handling.cfg correspondiente dentro de la carpeta DATA.

    si el squalo va muy rapido prueba a editar el handling del .exe con el que estas jugando pero haz primero una copia del archivo, sino la haces el juego prodria no funcionar y luego no podrás recuperarlo, asi que hazme caso, haz copia del archivo .cfg luego abrelo con el block de notas de windows (notepad.exe) y busca la linea del SQUALO, en esa linea busca un numero 200 que esta poco antes de unas letras R y P
    200 es la velocidad maxima de la lancha, puedes dejarlo asi o reducirlo a 190, el numero siguiente es la aceleracion, ahi está el problema, si pone un numero mayor de 4 lo cambias a 3 lo siguiente es una R que indica que el motor está en la parte de atras del vehiculo y la P que indica que el vehiculo funciona con petroleo, esos se dejan como estan.
    la linea del squalo deberia quedar mas o menos asi:
    SQUALO 2200.0 4.00 12.00 3.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 42 3.00 15.00 0.65 5 190.00 3.00 R P 0.02 0.00 0 24.00 0.45 5.00 0.20 0.30 60000 0.10 0.05 0.00 0.00 880004 0 1

    el problema es saber cual de los handling.cfg debes modificar porque yo le puse uno distinto a cada .exe y cada handling.cfg tiene un nombre distinto segun el .exe al cual pertenece:

    -HANDSTAR.cfg este es el handling.cfg del STARMAN MOD.EXE

    -HANDFAST.cfg este es el handling.cfg del Fast & Furious Mod.EXE

    -HANDEXTR.cfg este es el handling.cfg del Xtreme Speed Mod.EXE

    -CONDUCIR.CFG este es el handling.cfg que se usa en el gta-vc.exe (o eso creo, tambien podria ser el handling.cfg ya no me acuerdo, es que yo tengo otra version mas reciente que la que hay en internet)

  3. gracias starman aunque este juego ya lo termine pero sin mod y lo quiro terminar nuevamente sin usar claves

    PD:llegue en 1 hora a esa mision :D

  4. SQUALO 2200.0 4.00 12.00 3.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 42 3.00 15.00 0.65 5 250.00 10.00 R P 0.02 0.00 0 24.00 0.45 5.00 0.20 0.30 60000 0.10 0.05 0.00 0.00 880004 0 1

  5. 250 de velocidad maxima y 10 de aceleracion? pero que burrada no me extraña que se te vuelque, y lo mas extraño es que yo no lo tenia asi, a mi no se me ha volcado nunca con ninguno de los .EXEs asi que el fallo debia estar solo en los archivos de instalacion que por lo visto antes de subirlos me despisté y no actualicé algunos archivos desde mi vice city. a ver si lo corrijo y vuelvo a subirlo para que nadie mas tenga problemas.

  6. starman dime como son los trucos de superman como los utilizo mi msn es santiago.g.h@hotmail.com

  7. hola amigos tngo un problema con el mod de starman para vice city, corro la instalacion y se instala un poco bien hasta que dice checking object vicechee y no dice not found, object will be added, nadamas dice "not f" necesito ayuda lo agradeceria

  8. eso no indica problema alguno con la instalacion solo que se ha superado el espacio de memoria disponible que el instalador usa para poner mensajes en el cuadro de texto, debes dejar que se continue la instalacion, pero como no vas a poder saber cuando ha terminado dale tiempo de sobra con unos 25 minutos o media hora sera suficiente para instalarse completo. luego juega normalmente y veras que no hay ningun problema, este problema ya se ha reportado con la solucion infinidad de veces en esta web y en la anterior (gtamods.wordpress.com) asi que no es nada nuevo que no se explique en las instrucciones de instalacion

  9. Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.

  10. STARMAN,Viste que un .exe hay un mod de la gasolina.Kisiera saber si es correto que se recarga en la gasolinera que esta cerca de la tienda de ropa y cerca de donde empieza Tommy.Gracias.Muy bueno el mod.

  11. Amigo por favor si pudieras actualizar el link del parche de nueva velocidad



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