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For this megamod to work you need the GTA San Andreas game already installed in your PC. it's better if it doesn't have mods, but it may work ok even in a gta san andreas with mods if you follow these intructions step by step.
It is safer to install the megamod over a copy of the game without mods, it doesn't matter if your gta san andreas is full, or just a rip without music, also it doesn't matter if you have a legal or pirated copy, it will work. it may also work ok in a GTASA V.2.0 but i have not tested it. (i think it will work because we will replace most files while installation and so it should become a v.1.0.) if you have any problem then try reinstalling the game and using the downgrader patch before starting to install the California Megamod.

This version is very easy to install, just extract all files using winrar 3.7 or newer, then copy everything and paste inside your gta san andreas folder.

i have detailed the installation and previous steps to avoid problems if you have some mods installed, so please read this first before trying anything.


1- make a copy of your gta san andreas folder (better if it does not have any mods)

2- now rename the copy of the folder to TEMPORAL (right click with the mouse the folder to see the rename option in the context menu)

3- now get inside this TEMPORAL folder and delete all FILES that are not inside a folder, especially all .EXE .DLL and .ASI files, (i said FILES, please, do not delete any FOLDER yet) (in the original game you only have one exe (gta_sa.exe, but in previous versions of this megamod you will find lots of them. also in the original game without mods there are no .asi files, so ignore it if you have no mods installed, it's only a cleo script engine file that we must replace later.)
This is a very very important step, you must do it, i don't want surprises like game not working later because you had some mods i never thought you could have, like enb series mod, directx mods, dll mods, trainers, asi scripts, or anything else. i repeat: enter inside the copy of your gta san andreas folder and delete every file that is not inside a folder.

4- also delete the folders named CLEO, MODS, TEXT (in original game without mods there is no CLEO or MODs Folder, so ignore if you can't find them)

5- go inside TEMPORAL\Models\ folder and delete vehicles.img and aliens.img if they exist (probably not)


6- Now DOWNLOAD all California Megamod v.1.5 files.

7- Put all Downloaded files together in the same folder (they must be in the same place, if you don't put them all in the same place then the extracton will fail)
Extract part1.rar using winrar (you can't use another software it must be winrar for a safe installation). winrar will automatically extract everything from all partx.rar files because it identifies all 3 part files as if they were only one big .rar file (if you don't know how to unrar files with winrar don't worry, is very easy, just rigth-click the .part1.rar file and in the context menu that will pop up select winrar -> Extract here
off course you must have winrar already installed or else you will not have this option in the context menu)

8- when extraction finishes you will find a folder named GTASA California Megamod 1.5 now doble click to get inside this folder and you will see a lot of files and folders, now SELECT everything and then click COPY in EDIT menu of windows explorer

9- Now go inside the TEMPORAL folder that we created at the start (the copy of your gta san andreas folder) and PASTE everything inside. Windows will tell you there are files and folders with same names and will ask you what to do, just LET it REPLACE everything (YES TO ALL).

10- Installation almost finished now RENAME the TEMPORAL folder as California Megamod 1.5 or something you like, try to keep it short.

We almost finished, now we are going to install some saved games into your my documents folder where gta san andreas stores your saved games, also there will be a little big surprise for you :D

11- inside the now renamed california megamod 1.5 folder you will find a folder named "MIS DOCUMENTOS" doble click it to get inside and you will see a folder named "GTA San Andreas User Files" get inside it and now select and copy only the DYOM3.DAT file and the MPACK folder.

(i included some files with all story missions finished 100% in GTASAsf2.b and 99% (final mission) in GTASAsf1.b files. if you are interested use them, if not, just ignore them.)

12- now close everything and in your desktop must be a MYPC icon or MY DOCUMENTS icon use it to go inside your MY DOCUMENTS Folder and there you will find another "GTA San Andreas User Files" enter inside it and select PASTE in the edit menu in windows explorer.

13- Finally a VERY IMPORTANT step to avoid ERROR MESSAGES or GAME NOT WORKING at all, is to DELETE the file named gta_sa.set that is inside your "GTA San Andreas User Files" in your MY DOCUMENTS folder. if you don't delete this file once the game may not work.

NOW Start the game with GTASA Starman mod.exe
when you start the game, if the file gta_sa.set is not present the game will create a new one, this will be the right one, and game will work ok, but you'll have to setup again all presets for graphics, audio, and favourite keyboard controls. but you can do it in just 1 minute.

put Drawing Distance to minimum, this gives the best results to avoid problems with game engine loading buildings and textures while you drive.
Switch OFF Antialiasing, never turn it on, is only for very powerfull graphic cards.
set quality of effects to Medium or better if your computer is fast.
set Resolution to 640x480 for slow computers, or 800x600 for modern ones, or 1024x768 for powerfull ones (Dual Core + Nvidia 8000 or 9000 series with 512M) if the game runs perfect then you can later switch to 1024x768 but i don't recommend bigger settings, because they will make game slower and give you no advantage at all.

It is possible that in some computers having the option Frame Limit set to ON will make the game crash frequently, and so you will need to turn it off but in some other computers it may happens the other way, you may need to set it to ON for the game to work stable without crashes.

Press spacebar when you see this animation to avoid problems at the start of the game. if you can't move then start a new game and press spacebar to skip intro movies. this will fix it.

All .EXEs must work, if anyone faills then it means you didn't do a good job during installation, so start all over again. Once all .EXE work ok you need to switch off some cleo scripts to avoid some bugs, as described in FAQ. ok i'll post it here.

when the game works ok you probably will find some bugs like a lot of smog and nobody in the city, or crashes with the first missions. To FIX these problems you need to switch off some cleo scripts:



NeonA.cs (*)

TuningA.cm (*)

PimpmyCarFULL1A1.cs (*)

PimpmyCarFULL2A1.cs (*)


leatherface mission.cm



bf_mission stater.cs

Haunted woods killer.cs


leatherface starter pack.cs



Mountain Killer.cs



CLEO SCRIPTS THAT WORK OK TOGETHER (only these ones should be in your CLEO folder):
















Remember this is still a Beta Version it has less bugs than previous versions but still lot of work to do. So be patient and don't complain.

After setting everything as recommended the game must work ok. if later you find any problem with some mission, vehicle, weapon, etc., you may post a notification of bug but please include a lot of details, if you want me to be able to find the cause and fix it. you always come with lot of unknown problems i never faced so in order to find the problems and be able to fix them i need a lot of info, for example:

- Did you checked the filesize of the donwloaded files? if not then check them, 95% of problems reported with california megamod 1.4 was because corrupted/incomplete downloads, 99% of people who downloaded and installed again succeed in game working for them.

- name of exe you were playing in (very mportant because the game is different with each one, and a problem may only exist just in one exe, but not in the others.)

- where were you when the problem happened? (los santos, san fierro, las vegas, country, etc, and specify some famous building or place nearby for easy finding the exact place because some bugs may happen only in specific places)

-what were you trying to do or what key were you pressing at the moment?.
(some cleo scripts may conflict with each other or may use global variables and then they may cause game crashing. you can try temporarily disabling some cleo scripts moving them out of the cleo folder, or inside a subfolder of cleo.)

- were you using any cleo skin? (lobezno, daredevil, predator, Leon Kennedy, etc.)

- were you in any mission or submission?, or trying to buy any item?, then tell me what item or mission.

- What radio station were you listening?

- and off course your PC specs (because game can not work 100% with less than 1GB of ram or without any nvidia or ati graphic card, and because if your pc is very older then tbe problem is probably your pc and not the megamod)

if you have any trouble first read again and carefully instalation intructions and install again, follow them step by step, if the problem remains then contact me, here below, click in comments, and post your questions.

click for full size image of  thumbnails from california megamod 1.5

content of the main folder once the install process is finished and everything ok


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