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Este es el tutorial de instalacion en INGLES, si lo buscas en ESPAÑOL dale click aqui



The New Version 3.0 of California Megamod for GTA San Andreas is available for DOWNLOAD here.
You will need 6,4 GB free hard drive space to store the instalation files, and another 12,3 GB free to store the full game with the Megamod installed. The installation files can be burned into 1 double layer 8 GB DVD, or split into 2 standard 4GB DVDs, this will not affect the installation, when the installer can't find a file in the current DVD it will ask you for the location of the next file, and so you can switch DVD and continue installation (you could also copy all files from the DVD to your hard drive and install it from hard drive). Installation is very easy and has instructions in english and spanish inside the installer.

First of all you need administration access to install software into your computer, so login as an admin or start windows using an admin account.

Second thing you should do is take a look at how much FREE Hard Drive Space do you have, and decide where are you going to install the megamod, it will need 12,3 GB, but Windows needs at least from 2 to 4 GB free in your C hard drive for normal operation, if you have very low free space in C then your PC is going to slow down a lot. so you should only install california megamod if you have at least 15 GB free space in your Hard drive as minimum. The more you have the better. If you have more than one hard drive or if you have several hard drive partitions, then you can install the megamod in another partition, it does not need to be in C:, in fact i have never ever installed a game or a megamod in C: partition. it will work fine, no matter if you have windows 32 or 64 bits.

The Third thing to consider before we start is to check the filesize of all the files before starting the installation of the megamod, if there is a corrupt or incomplete file then you will lose your time because the game will not work, so make sure that everything is right BEFORE starting installation. Use this image as a guide to detect corrupted files or wrong filenames and fix them as needed. these are the right filenames and filesizes as they appear in windows 7's file explorer in details view:

Now that everything is ready just right-click the file calmeg.part01.EXE using the right mouse button, and in the context menu that pops up select RUN AS ADMIN to start the installer. The first window will look like this:

in the first window you will find the english instructions, read all the instructions and then click ACCEPT,

in next window there are spanish instructions, Just Click BROWSE button

and SELECT any place in your hard drive where you want the game + megamod installed, you can select just a drive or a folder, you must install the megamod as if it was a new game. DON'T select your gta san andreas folder, DON'T select a megamod folder, just select a DRIVE (C, D, E, F...) or a folder with a name like GAMES or PROGRAM FOLDER (x86).

and now Click the INSTALL button to start the installation process, a folder named California Megamod will be created in the destination folder or drive that you selected, now all you have to do is wait while all files are extracted, if there is any problem at this point then it will be because there is a corrupted file, check all files, detect the corrupted one, delete it and download it again, then check again filename and size and start again installation. If everything works fine then the green bar will reach the end once finished, and then the installer window will autoclose, and you will find a shortcut named California Megamod 3.0 in your desktop.

Now you need to install the english patch, the installation process is the same, but this time you need to select the California Megamod Folder (where you have just installed it) before pressing the install button.

alternatively you can extract the files to the desktop and do a manual installation if you know where to place the files. in a manual installation the California Megamod.exe file is the english version of the mod launcher, it should be copied to the main California Megamod\ folder and the file cheats(F5).fxt contains the cheatsmenu text labels in english and it should be copied inside California Megamod\CLEO\CLEO_TEXT\
(note: if you know other languages and want to help us to support more languages then you are welcome, you can make a copy of this file, edit it with windows notepad.exe, translate all texts from english to another language and send us the file so that we can share it here with the gta community.)

If your PC runs Windows 7 you have finished installation and you are ready to play the game, but if you run Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 then you need to copy or move the file D3DX9_40.DLL from the folder California Megamod\use this if you have windows 8\ to the folder California Megamod\ (the root folder of the megamod). In some Windows 7 it may need to do the same, if the game does not start or if windows says that D3DX9_40.DLL is missing then just do it. in windows 8 / 8.1 / 10 you may also need to install DirectPlay. When you try to run the game for the first time, Windows 10 will say you need it and will ask you if you want to install it, click install and you are ready to rock.

Just one more thing, I reccommend you to disable UAC (user account control) in control panel, by setting the level of notification messages at the bottom. just to make sure it does not fuck the loading of the game with stupid messages when you already have started the game, forcing it to return to windows and maybe ending in a non-responding status of the game. (i mean it may crash the game because it may interrupt the loading processs just to make you confirm that you really want to run the game. which is a stupid thing because the game can't start accidentally without you doing anything.)

Now its time to play, use the desktop shortcut to start the mod launcher, this time it should be in english now that the english patch is installed.
The mod launcher needs administrator Rigths to be able to execute console commands to start the game with the selected mod, so to start the mod launcher, right click the desktop shortcut named California Megamod 3.0 and select RUN AS ADMIN.

Now select a mod by clicking any image (the arrows buttons will show another screen with more mods. there are 3 pages of mods, this means 15x3=45 themed mods to choose from), click the image of the themed mod that you want to play and a new window will pop up showing the name of the selected mod, a picture, and a description into a text box, the description is in spanish and english, scroll down the description to find the english instructions for the keys that this mod uses to enable special features and cheat menus.

when you are ready click the START GAME button in details window and it will pop up a black window with some commands, and then this window will grow to full screen size and it will load the GTA San Andreas with the themed mod that you selected.

The first time you may need to customize options in the game menus (language, screen resolution, mouse control, audio settings, etc.) and when done START A NEW GAME. Remember ingame you can press from F4 to F8 to get some cheat menus. they behave like normal menus in the shops, navigate with arrow keys and select with space bar, ENTER to get back to previous menu or to quit the menu. (these are the default keys, off course they may change if you made changes in the keys assignment options in the game.)


if you find any problem then write a comment below, giving as much detail as possible about the problem:
- description of the problem
- what mod you were playing
- what vehicle you were driving?
- what player model you were using?
- where were you in the game? (in which zone/city of the game)
- what were you trying to do? (or what key you pressed) when the problem happened
- what windows version do you have? (XP?, 7?, 8?, 8.1?, 10?)
- what graphic card or graphic chipset do you have?
- how much RAM and how much Graphic RAM?
- did you had Vertical Sync Enabled in your graphic settings?
- did you had limit FPS enabled or not in game options?
- screen resolution at which you were playing
- etc.


Today, January 13th, I was going to record a video while testing the California Megamod 3.0 with the english patch and i found a bug in the cheats menu, the message "cheat enabled" failed to show on screen and i got stacked, i could not move. And so i double checked the english version of the file cheats(F5).fxt and i couldn't find a bug, but after some experiments i finally got it fixed, i tested it again several times, and now the cheats menu works fine, and so packaged and uploaded again the English Patch. (i deleted the previous version which name was calmeg_english_patch.exe)
I recommend you to download and install the new version named cam3_english_patch.exe (it's only 708 kilobytes so it can't take more than a couple of seconds to download it).
How to install the english patch: start the cam3_english_patch.exe installer, click accept, and then select the folder where you had installed california megamod 3.0, and then click install button, the old files will be replaced by the new ones, and now the cheats menu will not fail anymore when trying to show the message "cheat enabled".
if you downloaded the english patch in 14th january 2016 or later then you already have the new fixed version of the English Patch (cam3_english_patch.exe), the older version (calmeg_english_patch.exe) doesn't exist anymore.

Any of the files from the california megamod that you downloaded may be corrupted and the installation gave an error message but you ignored it and now the game does not work. check the size of the files in details view, if any of the files is smaller then it means the file is not complete and then you need to delete it and download it again from another server (mega or moddb), and then once all files are full size then install everything again. in windows 7 the sizes should be exactly as in this picture.

Old versions of California Megamod had compatibility issues with some versions of gta san andreas because of the file gta_sa.set, forcing you to delete the file to get the megamod working, but this problem has been fixed. and it can not happen anymore, i had forgotten that i already had fixed this problem. California megamod version 3.0 uses a different file to store the settings named config.set and so is fully compatible with any version of gta san andreas that you may have installed in your computer. I mean you dont need to delete no file at all.

- if windows says that the game needs DirectPlay to run and offers you to install, then click yes install it.
The game may not start and give an error message saying there is a missing .DLL file, this happens when you dont have version 9.0c of DirectX required for GTA SAN ANDREAS to run, (because windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 have newer versions of DirectX) to fix the issue you have 2 ways:
- download and install Microsoft Directx 9.0c version and then intall again the last version of DirectX, (this may not work because latest Windows versions comes with DirectX 10 or 11 and may probably not allow to install Directx 9, it just will say there is a better version already installed and do anything at all and tell you that Directx has been succesfully installed. and so you may need to install Microsoft DirectX End-User Runtime instead.)

- or just search for the missing DLL file in Google, download the file, extract it if it come inside a .zip or .rar file, and put the required .dll into de California Megamod 3.0 folder. (this second option is the one i would reccomend if there is only one or two files missing, because its the one that is easier and have less chances of generating problems to your system or conflicts with other games). The file you probably need is D3DX9_40.dll and it comes shipped with the california megamod, inside a subfolder named "use this if you have windows 8", all you need to do is move or copy the file to the main (root) folder of California Megamod so that the game can find it and use it.

This happens because you have the generic standard VGA driver installed for you graphic card, instead of the drivers that your graphic card requires to be able to use its real features, like 3D aceleration for games, better video performance, etc. when you install windows and in his database he can't find a suitable graphic driver for your graphic card it will install a generic driver named Standard VGA that will allow to use the graphic card in windows until the user installs the required drivers. This generic driver only has basic functionality, and so, when you try to start a 3D game, windows just ignores you. WHAT CAN YOU DO? try to identify the real manufacturer name and model of your graphic card (or graphic chipset if you dont have a graphic card), and then search for the drivers in the manufacturers website, is good at helping you in this situations. Although there may be many graphic card brands, in reality there are only 2 big manufacturers of acelerated 3D graphic chips: NVIDIA and ATI (ATI company was bought by AMD company, so now they are the same company.) your graphic card can be club3D, gigabyte, asus, etc. but the thing that makes it work it is a chipset made by nvidia or amd, so try to find in google the real chip name of your graphic card and search for the drivers in or in, download and install the right driver into your computer and then all mods from california megamod will work. its like magic xD

- IF you have a 3D Acelerated graphic card (AMD/ATI or NVIDIA) and you have TROUBLES WITH GAMES IN WINDOWS 10 (MANY CRASHES IN GAMES OR SOME GAMES NOT WORKING AT ALL) then install the NEW DRIVERS version from the AMD or NVIDIA website. (not from windows update). Windows 10 is a new operative system and developers still need some time to test it for bugs and fixes for their software and drivers. first versions were buggy but they are fixing them with newer versions, so check the developer websites for latest drivers each week.

- If you have NO SOUND IN SOME GAMES (Including GTA V) then install this: Microsoft DirectX End-User Runtime

You may have notice some flickering from time to time, strange triangles appear and dissappear very quickly, at first time you may not even notice, but when there is a lot of action going on in the screen at the same time the flickering can be more intense, and it may get a bit annoying. You can fix it if you want to, by moving the file memory1024.cs out of the CLEO folder. it was supposed to increment the draw distance and help in drawing the scenery faster, but it may be conflicting with the stream memory fix which does the same (and other things), and so the best you can do is to take memory1024.cs out of the CLEO folder, and test the game, and if you feel that you prefer the game without it, then you can delete it, or leave it outside of the cleo folder (you could move it to the README folder) where it will be ignored by the game. (if you delete it you will not be able to recover it if you change your mind later.)

Sometimes CJ may look like a mess, like an alien life-form, because the game does not know that a mod has replaced CJ with a ped using the cheats menu (or with another cleo script), peds have different 3D model structure than CJ, and so it looks like a mess. this happens when you are using another 3D model, not CJ, and you get arrested, you die, etc. you will reappear at the door of the hospital or police station, etc. with a messed up 3d model, but this is very easy to fix, just press the F8 key and select CJ (DEFAULT 3D MODEL) or select another 3D Model from the menu, you have a lot of them to choose, some of them are famous characters from other popular games like Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, Mirror's Edge, Crysis, Far Cry, Metal Gear Solid, etc. but keep in mind that if you die or get arrested you may reappear again like a mess, the only model that will avoid this situation is the Defaul CJ model, which is a new and improved White CJ with a nice look, also remember that CJ is the only one who can use customized clothes, haircuts and tattoos. the game may crash if you try to open the clothes menu while using a ped model instead of CJ.

Mods are Modifications done to the game without the game knowing what is going on, whithout knowing that something is different. and so if you change something and the game keeps doing the same things without knowing that something is different then there may be situations where a crash may happen, even in the most stable mod in the world. A crash happens when a program finds an unexpected situation that the program is not programmed to manage. California Megamod 3.0 is very stable but it has different themed mods, with different features, some are more stable than others, Most crashes in california megamod are caused by cleo scripts. Most crashes in California Megamod will close the game, and take you back to the windows desktop. but sometimes the game may fail to get back to the desktop, usually because it is trying to show an error message and/or waiting for you to click OK. What you have to do in this cases are PRESS and HOLD together the keys ALT, CTRL, and DELETE, for 2 seconds and wait until windows shows the TASK MANAGER, (or the option to open the TASK MANAGER), in the task manager you will see all the programs running in memory, here you can right-click to select STARMAN.EXE and select FINALIZE to stop it and get back to windows desktop. If the game gets FREEZED instead of CRASHING and ALT + CTRL + DELETE does not work then you have to use the RESET button in your computer to restart windows, do not SWITCH OFF the computer, just use the RESET KEY. if this kind of unrecoverable crashes happens to you often then you should update the sound and graphic drivers, because its not normal.

sometimes when you have played the game using the alternative mod launcher: CaliforniaMegamod.hta and you are back in the windows desktop and you want to start another mod, you try to start again CaliforniaMegamod.hta but it does not work, it does nothing at all.
This usually happens because the MSHTA.EXE process is still running in memory, and so it can't be started again, so finalize it using the task manager (press ALT + CTRL + DELETE to open Task Manager) in the task manager click in mshta.exe and press the button FINALIZE PROCESS. and now the mod launcher will work again.


You can access all of them using the web application named CaliforniaMegamod.hta which is another lighter version of my mod launcher, off course it can be found in the main folder of California Megamod. and you can create a shortuct to it in the desktop if you want to, using the right-click context menu in windows explorer (SEND TO -> Create Desktop Shortcut).


(some from version 2.0 others from 2.1 and coming soon some from 3.0)

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